Burger King

What’s a king without a kingdom? To prove BK’s dedication to doing everything the real way, we set out to establish a new, totally real country for the King to rule.

Case study video

Step 1: Land

In accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, we pinpointed a relatively shallow portion of international waters just 200 nautical miles off the coast of Brazil—the perfect place to construct a new island from real island ingredients.

Step 2: The Quest

Step 3: Government

The government of Burger will be operated remotely from our embassy conveniently located across the street from Burger King’s headquarters in Miami, staffed with real social media experts and political visionaries.

Step 4: Citizenship

To create a streamlined and open path to citizenship, Burger King will release the Burgarian Whopper. Order in the app to receive a real, official document to certify your citizenship as a Burgarian. 

After ordering, the King will humbly ask his citizens to sign a petition to the UN to recognize Burger as a nation.

Made with Reyden Weis at the University of Texas.