Jacob Shipley is a copywriter at 180 in Los Angeles, where he’s made campaigns for Cox, PrizePicks, and Orgain, and before that made student campaigns for Voodoo Doughnut, Burger King, Men’s Wearhouse, and AriZona Tea at the University of Texas, where he also made dumb promo videos for the portfolio school, but now he doesn’t go to school so he spends his free time trolling LinkedIn, writing one-liner movie reviews, recording fake radio shows, and reminiscing about making stop motion Geico ads when he was 14, and if that’s not enough information for you to steal his identity and gain access to his numerous personal banking accounts, all of which are growing at unbelievable rates that you can’t even imagine, you can read his resume or send suspicious emails to jacobshipley9000@gmail.com.

Voodoo Doughnut

These doughnuts will ruin your life. Although the delicious treats behind those hellish pink doors may be enticing, don’t think you’ll be escaping unscathed. At Voodoo Doughnut, everywhere you turn is just another chance to get cursed.

︎ David Roth Comedy in Advertising Award
︎ Austin ADDYs, Silver - Copywriting
︎ Austin ADDYs, Silver - Art Direction
︎ Austin ADDYs, Silver - Illustration
︎ Austin ADDYs, Bronze - Integrated Brand Identity Campaign 


Store entrance

In-store materials


Signed up as a normal Uber, the Cursed Cab will give passengers a choice: have a regular ride or enjoy a free doughnut and receive a curse.

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Made with Erin Manale at the University of Texas.